Simple Password Generator and Retriever

Thanks for checking out "Simple Password G&E".  This is the smallest but most effective program that I have developed.  Click here for demo.

Simplicity & Security in one

The goal of the application is simplicity and ease of use while managing security.  After all this is the program that keeps track of your passwords!

How does it generate the password

The application uses three inputs - "key", "user id" and "url" and generates a password for that combination, of the desired length.  It's that simple.  Let's talk about the three parameters:


You will need to consider the following on how to use the program:

Based on answers to the above questions you will need to decide how you want to configure the application.  Let me run down some scenarios that will most likely apply to you.

Scenario 1

This is the best and simplest scenario.  In this case you will set the key permanently in the properties file (webprop.php) so you don't have to enter it.  However you can still choose to enter one or even have many different ones to increase your security.  You will also most likely specify a default value for the user id.

Scenario 2

In this case you will NOT set the key permanently in the properties file (webprop.php).  You will just remember your key and enter it each time.  This way your key will not be compromised. You will also NOT specify a default value for the user id since multiple people use this and they will all have their own user ids.  Since the site is NOT password protected and the key needs to be "enterable", you open up the website for use by anyone.  This is not so much of a concern since your passwords are still secure except that you now are serving this program to everyone (should they know your website URL).

Scenario 3

This can be a real problem.  You run the risk of someone sniffing out your password.  The only exception to this is when you and the server are in an internal network and trust the people who are inside.  Or if you are hosting this locally on the box you are working on.